Seventeen Have Surprise: Trot Sensation with 'God of Light Music'!

Calling all fans of Seventeen aka Carat! Seventeen Have Surprise for you! Wait for it… a musical rocket is about to go off! Seventeen is about to release a new trot hit called “God of Light Music.” Hold on tight as we go into more depth about this surprise musical treat.

Seventeen Have Surprise: The Making of “God of Light Music” on “Going Seventeen”

Seventeen Have Surprise: Trot Sensation with 'God of Light Music'!

Think about this: Seventeen, a lively K-pop group, went on a unique trip in their YouTube show “Going Seventeen.” While they were making their fake documentary, the skilled members wrote the catchy trot song “God of Light Music.” This artistic project was part of their plan to get people excited about their 11th EP, “Seventeenth Heaven,” which has the lead single “God of Music.”

Seventeen Have Surprise: Fan-Driven Choice: From Request to Release

Pledis Entertainment, the company that manages Seventeen’s music, told everyone when the song would be out. It turned out that the passionate requests from fans drove the choice to share “God of Light Music” with the whole world. The agency couldn’t say no to the sincere requests of their loyal fans, so the content was originally meant to promote Seventeen’s comeback.

The Korean Trot version of “God of Music” is twice as fun.

As if one surprise wasn’t enough, get ready for two! Along with the release of “God of Light Music,” Seventeen is also putting out a Korean version of their hit song, “God of Music.” Fans will enjoy this musical show, which gives the beloved hit a new spin.

Songs from Around the World: “Follow” World Tour Unleashed

Not only are Seventeen making waves in the studio, but they’re also taking their electric shows on a world tour called “Follow.” People from all over the world are looking forward to seeing Seventeen perform because of their amazing stage personality and musical skills.

Seventeen Have Surprise: Countdown to 2024: Japan’s “Kohaku Uta Gassen” Show

It’s already very exciting, but Seventeen is going to make a big showing on NHK’s annual year-end music show, “Kohaku Uta Gassen,” which airs in Japan on the night before New Year’s. What better way to say goodbye to the year than with an amazing show from these K-pop stars?

Last but not least, Seventeen isn’t just ruling the K-pop scene with their worldwide tour; they’re also keeping fans guessing with musical shocks. Get ready to dance the night away to “God of Light Music” and the Korean trot version of “God of Music.” Mark your calendars and setting your alarms. You will not want to miss this singing party at all!

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